Integrated Media Strategies for a Connected World

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It's All About the Big Picture

Capturing attention and gaining mind share in today’s media-saturated world takes more than just hitting Send on a press release.
It takes a creative, non-linear approach.
An integrated strategy that creates engagement on all levels.
Terrestrial media. Online media. Social Media.

We work closely and proactively with our clients to develop creative, comprehensive, multi-faceted plans that speak directly to their audience.

We take the time to listen, to get inside their heads, and truly understand who they are. Their culture. Their mission. Their story.

We help them find their voice.
Whether the tone is formal and corporate, casual and colloquial, or somewhere in between.

We work with them to create a holistic media plan, providing a full range of public relations and content creation, and a wealth of strategies from traditional to edgy and radically different.

From creative, targeted journalism and innovative public relations to award-winning ad and marketing campaigns, Get It In Writing brings together a team of creative professionals in multimedia, the arts, technology and social media, merging traditional public relations with connected networking strategies to deliver publicity that’s polished and professional, yet street-level savvy.

We take quiet pride in being the creative force behind the success stories.

What Our Clients Say

Great to work with, easy to get along with, and a great work ethic.
Ryan SmithArtist Relations, Shure Inc

Latest News

With Lives on the Line, B-Line Medical Relies on Symetrix

Washington, D.C.—October 2016… Whether a medical center delivers clinical care or is a training facility that employs medical simulation systems, ensuring efficiency, quality patient care, and safety are critical. To that end, hospitals and training centers employ video recording systems that monitor operating rooms and simulation rooms, capturing events as they occur for later debriefing […]

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Rick Allen Relies on TASCAM Recorders and Mics for “Hazardous Duty”

Scottsdale, AZ—October 2016… Unless you’re a client or a sound designer, you might not have heard of Rick Allen but you’ve heard his work countless times. Allen’s music, sound effects, and sound design appears in films, radio, TV, games, ads, and much more. He has worked on projects for such heavyweights as Disney, American Express, […]

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Visionary Solutions Joins with CAH for Asia Distribution

Santa Barbara, CA — October 2016… Visionary Solutions, Inc., a leader in innovative high-bandwidth video networking solutions, has announced the appointment of CAH Professional Sound Company as its distributor in China, Hong Kong, and Macau. Since its founding in 1985, CAH has established an admirable reputation as one of Asia’s major distributors of professional audio […]